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We are a general contracting and HVAC company with several years of experience, EPA certification, and an A+ rating with the BBB! We also specialize in the build and installation of custom fireplaces, not to mention, the replacement and installation of tankless water heaters!

Can you imagine getting home from a long day at work, trudging through all the thick snow built up in your driveway, coming into your cozy home to relax and decompress in a hot shower when BAM! Ice cold water strikes your back like a thousand needles! We can, and it sounds HORRIBLE! Our replacement and installation of tankless water heaters will ensure you never have to endure one of those unpleasant dead-of-winter needle showers ever again. Or perhaps you and your kids are playing catch out back and come inside to cool off for a bit and your hit with the crushing reality that your house is warmer than it is outside. Call Rimrock Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC! Our 50-mile radius allows us to get a technician out to you quickly to repair or replace that old faulty unit and get your home cooling again in no time!




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Heating & Cooling

Heating and cooling oftentimes can have a wide range of service requirements, but not to worry, Rimrock Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC has the skill set required to meet all of the demands and obligations of your HVAC system. As general contractors, we possess the ability to complete large scale new build installations and system replacements for new construction projects. We also offer the necessary maintenance required for the upkeep of your unit, repair service for system breakdowns and inspection for irregularities. These inspections are done through the performance of tune-ups to ensure that all system components are in proper working order, testing for correct amperage and confirming that your unit is at the adequate freon levels to help avoid future failures.

In short, we provide an excellent range of HVAC services to ensure that your commercial or residential property is appropriately cooling and heating by offering maintenance options, repairs, and installations.

Construction Coverage

A general contractor is held accountable for the day-to-day command and guidance of a construction site, management of trades, and the communication of information to all involved parties. They also stand in as a mediator if opposing parties disagree on the proper way to fulfill build plans and assists in the decision-making process.
This often includes, but is not necessarily strictly limited to, new builds, remodels, renovations, and property additions. To be an effective general contractor specializing in construction-based services, one must be adaptable, innovative, and possess a genuine desire for quality coverage.

As an EPA certified and A+ rated company with the BBB, Rimrock Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC possesses the appropriate skill set and experience in the field to stand in as a general contractor for your HVAC needs to ensure proper builds, renovations and remodels.


Custom Fireplaces

We specialize in the build and construction of custom fireplaces and enjoy having the ability to offer our clients the opportunity to custom design their dream fireplace. Clients have the option to choose between a gas or wood burning fireplace, the height and depth, and custom specialty options. These options might include color, shape, built-in shelving, etc. Whatever your mind can create, we can execute!

With our vast knowledge and construction background, we custom build your fireplace to coincide with all specialty options and specific elements you wish to display.



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